Back to School Pool Party, August 24, 2019


Although it isn't quite the official end of summer, residents gathered at the pool on a toasty Saturday evening to say goodbye to the lazy days of summertime and hello to a new school year. It was the perfect opportunity for residents to unwind, spend some time in the pool and catch up with their Nabrs.

With hot hits being played, the tone was set for a good time. Kids of the NabrHood had the opportunity to get to know each other better by sharing what grade they're in, their favorite sport and school subject along with any extracurricular activities they enjoyed. Of course there were fun games to be played as well including a Hula Hoop contest, Surf’s Up relay race and a football catch where kiddos showed off their catching abilities. Everyone enjoyed delicious pizza and refreshing drinks while Tony, the HOA President, wished everyone a great school year. While the party came to a close with an unexpected downpour, it was nonetheless a great evening!

Thanks to all who came out to spend time with family, friends and Nabrs. We can’t wait to see everyone at future events, until then……

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Free Pizza
  • Free Sodas and Juice Boxes
  • Get to know your Nabr Meet & Greet
  • Music
  • Pool Games
    • Hula Hoop Contest
    • Surf's Up Relay Race
    • Football Catch
  • Socializing with Nabrs
  • Prizes

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