Bakyard Olympiks, April 8, 2018


Adult participation was through the roof on Sunday afternoon- seven teams participated in our first ever Bakyard Olympics. Jeremiah and Andrew took home three wins- Bounce in tha Bucket, Kick Bowl, & Balloon Toss; Kara and James took home one win- Chunkin' Chicken; along with Sara S. and India with the  Saucer Tosser. We also had three kids teams that played in the Bakyards Olympiks.  The winning teams took home some fun prizes and the adult teams qualify to compete in the Bakyard Olympiks finals and will compete for $500 in cash and other prizes.

Two NabrHood residents competed in the BBQ Cook-Off- Cody Kemp and Anthony Sifuentes. By only one vote Kemp's BBQ took home first place with his BBQ chicken, while A&E BBQ received runner-up for their brisket. Congratulations!  The winner took home $50 in cash.

While waiting for the games to commence the Nabrs were able to enjoy a microbrew tasting provided by our business partner; North by Northwest.    And just when you thought all that was enough, the day had the backdrop of a great Live Band; The Chris Castaneda Project.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Hawaiian Luau Party on Sun. June 3rd from 5p - 7p @ the Pool.

In the meantime, remember to....

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Bakyard Olympiks Games
    • Chunkin' Chicken- Kara & James
    • Bounce in tha Bucket- Andrew & Jeremiah
    • Kick Bowl- Andrew & Jeremiah
    • Saucer Tosser- Sara S. & India
    • Balloon Toss- Andrew & Jeremiah
  • BBQ Cook-off
    • Champion: Cody Kemp
    • Runner-Up: Anthony Sifuentes
  • Microbrew Tasting
  • Business Partners
  • Live Music: Chris Castaneda Project

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