Hawaiian Pool Party, May 26, 2018


McKinney Heights kicked off their summer in style- sitting poolside the NabrHood residents set out their beach towels and put on their sunscreen as they listened to tunes played by our DJ Will. To start off the event the Nabrs received  FREE pizza and soda.

Shortly after pizza, the Hula dancers performed several routines before pulling up the residents to learn how to dance themselves. Thank you to those who participated! You looked great 🙂

The kids were entertained with pool games such as the relay race- Returning the Heart of Ti Fiti- and hula hoop competitions.  The kids even had an opportunity to introduce themselves over the loudspeaker and tell us what they are looking to most about summer.  Congratulations kids on another year of school!

After being worn out from swimming the Nabrs were able to lay out their beach towels in front of the big screen and watch Moana.

We are looking forward to our next event at McKinney Heights. But until then...Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • FREE Pizza
  • FREE Sodas
  • Music
  • Hula Dancers
  • Pool Games with Prizes
  • Movie Night: Moana

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