Summer Pool Party - Sat. June 23rd 2018


It was a perfect evening for a pool party.  Hot enough to jump in the pool and yet enough evening shade to escape the heat for a few minutes.  Over 120 residents came out to the pool party to enjoy some free Pizza and drinks, along with some fun and games.  The kids participated in several pool games, such as; Put A Ring On It Ring Toss, Torpedoes away, and One Handed Touchdown Splash.  Outside of the pool residents had a great time with a Water Balloon Toss contest, but the most popular activity of the night were the Hula Hoop contests.  And just when it didn't seem we could do much more we closed out the evening with a Dancin' On The Water Dance Party.  It was a great night with a lot of smiling faces and participation.  Thanks to everyone for coming out.  We hope to see you again soon at another fun event.

In the meantime, please remember.....

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabrs. 🙂


  • Poolside DJ Featuring Summer Fun Music
  • Pool Games
    • Put A Ring On It Ring Toss
    • Torpedoes Away
    • One Handed Touchdown Splash
  • Water Balloon Toss Contest
  • Hula Hoop Contests
  • Free Pizza
  • Free Sodas & Drinks
  • Thanks to our Business Partners:
    • Southwest Exteriors

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