Teen Movie Night, August 18, 2019


Although it isn’t the official end of summer, teens gathered at the pool on Sunday evening to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and hello to a new school year. The fun included a pool party, tasty food and a shark themed movie!

With hot hits being played, the tone was set for a good time. Teens cooled down in the pool, played Disney movie trivia and sang verses from their favorite Disney movies for a shark candy necklace. As the sun began to set, it was time to settle in for the movie of the night, “The Meg”, and enjoy delicious pizza along with cold drinks.

Thanks to all who came out, we wish you an amazing school year! We can’t wait to see everyone on December 31st for the NYE Party, until then…..

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Teen Movie Night: "The Meg"
  • Free Pizza
  • Sodas and waters
  • Movie Trivia
    • Prizes- Candy Shark Necklaces and Glow Bracelets
  • Thank you to our Business Partners:
    • Jennifer Odom

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