Back to School Party, August 25, 2018


About 80 people showed up to cool off in the pool, since it was another 100 degree day.  They were all treated to some fun pool games, Ice Cream treats, popsicles, and cold sparkling water from Waterloo water.  With the DJ music spinning the HelloNabr team kept everyone entertained with games such as; Torpedos Away, Put A Ring On It, Football Claw Catch, Sharks n Minnows, Hullah Hoop contests, fish relays and finished off with a little dance party.

The game participants were rewarded with some fun prizes from Renewal By Anderson and everyone enjoyed the good energy and fellowship with their Nabrs.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas event but in the meantime just remember……

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Pool Games- with Prizes!
    • Torpedos Away
    • Put a Ring on it
    • Football Claw Catch
    • Sharks n' Minnows
    • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Ice Cream & Popsicles
  • Waterloo Sparkling Water 

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