Bakyard Olympiks, April 29, 2018


Sunday turned out to be a great day for socializing. With a Free microbrew tasting, and bakyard games...Nabrs had a great afternoon.

Eight kids teams participated in the Bakyard Olympiks- each participant received a goodie bag. The first, second and third places getting beaded necklaces.

There were five adult teams- Kelly & Jeanie; Robin & Porter; Adam & Cynthia; Jacob & Kristen; and Jax & Cooper.

Bakyard Olympiks Winners

  1. Chunkin' Chicken
    First: Adam & Cynthia
    Second: Robin & Porter
    Third: Cooper & Jaxon
  2. Saucer Tosser
    First: Kristen & Jacob
    Second: Kelly & Jeanie
    Third: Cooper & Jaxon
  3. Bounce in tha Bucket
    First: Robin & Porter
    Second: Kristen & Jacob
    Third: Cooper & Jaxon
  4. Kick the Bucket
    First: Cooper & Jaxon
    Second: Kelly & Jeanie
    Third: Robin & Porter
  5. Water Balloon Toss
    First: Kristen & Jacob
    Second: Adam & Cynthia
    Third: Robin & Porter

Thanks to all our business partners- Kasey Dalby & The Dalby Group, Cynthia Roten w/ Camp Gladiator, Iron Wolf Spirits and Last Stand Brewing - for coming out to spend the day with us. Thanks to "Who Wants 2nds?" for feeding us, the homemade cookies were delicious! Big Thanks to Southern Snow, for keeping us cool with shaved ice on a hot afternoon.

We are looking forward to our next event at West Cypress Hills. But until then... Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Bakyard Olympiks- Adults & Kids Divisions
    • Chunkin' Chicken
    • Saucer Tosser
    • Bounce in tha Bucket
    • Kick the Bowl
    • Water Balloon Toss
  • Who Wants 2nds?
  • Southern Snow
  • Business Partners

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