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The NabrHood

We are looking forward to the upcoming 2019 events in the Arcadia Ridge NabrHood:

Sat. July 13th                  8pm – 10pm                  Dive In Movie

Fri. Sept. 6th                   5pm – 7pm                    Happy Hour

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Wassup at Arcadia Ridge:

2018 Arcadia Ridge Dive- In Movie

The Pirates of the Caribbean, June 23, 2018 Recap The Arcadia Ridge residents were a rowdy bunch on Saturday night as they splashed around the pool – playing games and socializing. The kids participated in the Hook Toss; it’s definitely harder than it looks, but the kids did great. Every ring they made on to the hook…

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2018 Arcadia Ridge Spring Fling

Spring Fling, April 7, 2018 Recap It was a little cold for a Spring Fling but the Arcadia Ridge Nabrs were troopers and came out for a good time anyway. The music was playing across the parking lot as the kids drew chalk art on the concrete. The parent even got in the moods as they…

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