Summer Kick Off, June 3, 2018


Sunday afternoon was filled with laughter and smiles. The Las Lomas Nabrs came out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Summer songs played over the speakers as the residents cooled off the pool.

The HOA provided tickets for FREE Hamburgers and Hotdogs from Come N' Get It Chuckwagon. "You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice scream!" The FREE ice cream was handed out to all- drumstick, ice cream sandwiches, and crunch bars.

The adults enjoyed Strawberry Margaritas poolside. The kids played water games- Obstacle Swim, Hula Hoop contest, Diving game- for prizes. Several of the kids "surfed" on their floaties, we even had an adult try.

Devin and Andy busted out their dance moves with the Floss.  We ended the event with our Water Dance Party! The entire pool joined in as our team members, Kati and Tristan, moved around the pool dancing to YMCA and Clap.

The event was a wonderful way to Kick off the 2018 Summer. We look forward to our next event at Las Lomas but until then... Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • FREE Strawberry Margaritas
  • FREE Ice Cream
  • FREE Hambergers & Hot Dogs
  • Pool Games & Prizes
  • In the Water Dance Party!
  • Kona Ice

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