P Jamma Party, February 19, 2020


Over 30 residents came out to take part in the first-ever NabrHood P-Jamma Party on a beautiful, crisp Saturday morning. Kiddos were dressed in their coziest pajamas ready to have some fun!

There were family games to play including Guess Who, Don’t Break the Ice, Hot Potato and Truth or Challenge. Adults even got in on the action by competing in friendly rounds of checkers. Everyone enjoyed classic cereals including Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies along with a new twist on cereal with Lucky Charms and Reese’s Puffs bars.

Thank you to all who came out to start their day with some early morning fun! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, March 14th for Spring Fling, until then……

Do Good. Be Happy. And say Hello to your Nabr. 🙂


  • Music
  • Board Games:
    • Guess Who?
    • Don't Break the Ice
    • Rainbow Tumbling Tower
  • Games:
    • Hot Potato
    • Truth & Challenge
  • Cereal Bar

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