Christmas Parade

Santa Parade - $3,000/$3,500

Santa Parade (Less Than 500 Homes) - $3,000

Santa Parade (More Than 500 Homes) - $3.500

  • HelloNabr will work with HOA to determine best parade route
  • Parade route announced to the NabrHood prior to the event
  • Lead vehicle w/emcee announcing what is coming down the street
  • Main trailer with a professional Santa Claus with a real beard
  • Parade will go slow enough to allow for pictures with Santa
  • Elves will be helping along the parade route
  • Trailer with live Christmas music of duo/trio band or sing-a-long musician
  • PA system and portable power for live music
  • Fire department and first responders invited to be in parade
  • Residents invited to be in parade
  • Best parade participant wins prize
  • NabrHood businesses invited to be in parade

Click here to see the fun in action!

Christmas Parade Photos

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  • Feature local car, motorcycle or bike club
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